Take it from Day to Day

Well, it’s not the hours of watch-on-watch
And it’s not the work that I mind so much
Or the long cold miles from my lover’s touch
Though for sure she’s far away
No stranger, I, to the touch of steel
Or the honest fear any man can feel
But I long for dust under my heels
And a pocket full of pay
So I’ll take it from day to day

The pack-ice ’round us cracks and groans
The old St. Roch, she creaks and moans
The icy fog is in my bones
And the ache won’t go away
Outside I bet it’s warm and fair
I could have her fingers in my hair
But it’s long, cold miles to her out there
So I guess I’ll have to stay
And just take it from day to day

We’re as far North as I want to come
But Larsen’s got us under his thumb
And I signed up for the whole damned run
I can’t get off half way
But when I get back onto the shore
I’m going South where it stays warm
And there’ll be someone on my arm
To help me spend my pay
So I’ll take it from day to day

Written by Stan Rogers, Fogarty’s Cove Music, SOCAN